Kitbot Programming Tutorial Part 1

1. Getting Started

When starting a new Robot Java Project the first thing you have to do is to setup the project structure.  Start by clicking File -> New -> Other:

Then select Robot Java Project:

(If asked to input a team number make sure to put in your team number for MARS it is 1523)

Name the project and make sure the Command-Based Robot option is selected:

This will create a project that looks like this:

To complete the setup we need to delete the ExampleCommand and ExampleSubsystem and fix all the errors.  Once you delete the classes go into the Robot class and delete the lines that declare the ExampleSubsystem and call the ExampleCommand.


Then you have to remove the import statements at the top of both the Robot and OI classes.


That finishes the setup of the project in the next tutorial we will go through setting up the subsystem for the drive train.


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