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Team Logo

Tim Arnold created the original team logo in 2005 (our rookie year). The logo has changed very slightly in the addition of a realistic background from pictures of Mars (the planet in case you were confused).

The logo is a 66.1 MB PSD file designed at 53″. For ease of your use we have re-sized the logo to a more reasonable size for this page. If you need a copy of the large logo source please contact Tim Arnold and explain what you need it for.


2017 Version



2006 Version

1523 Logo Thumbnail
Without Abbr. (Small | Medium | Large)
Without text. (Small | Medium | Large)
Abbreviated (Medium | Large)

We recommend for the non-abbreviated version to be used for small applications such as web buttons or pamphlets. The abbreviated version is mainly for banners and PowerPoint presentations. The large sized files above are over 1.5 MB. Please be patient!

2005 Version

1523 Logo Thumbnail
Abbreviated (Medium)

This is merely here for historical purposes. Please use our 2006 logo for anything new!

Team Fonts

The font used on the team logo is available here (right click, save as). It is called Nasalization and is freeware. It is mainly for use on headers and titles of presentations.

This font is used for smaller text and smaller headings. It can be downloaded here (right click, save as) and is freeware as well.