Framework for a Safety Culture

MARS Robotics recognizes the value of safety education and safe practices. Team members are expected to learn safety guidelines, promote a climate that instills working safely, and to anticipate consequences of ignoring safety practices. Safety education is achieved by several means including faculty/mentor instruction, written team guidelines and review of FIRST safety manuals. Team reminders include posted notices that sometimes use humor to draw attention to a serious message.

Downloadable Pit Signs



Downloadable Alien Safety Autopsy: Exam Checklist Sign

This sign was made in 2006 for use in our pit at the Florida Regionals Competition.


MARS Safety Autopsy Exam Checklist: All Senses Alert: Eyes open to any danger. Attentive listening for trouble or announcements. Nose sensative to burning or strange odors. Cautious touch and firm grasp. Strong legs for use in lifting instead of straining back. Rested, focused brain.

Correct Safety Gear and Use Eye protection with side panels. Gloves to protect hands. Closed shoes. No loose clothing. Team/FIRST ID indicating access to pit. Wristwatch to manage time; rushing causes accidents.

Proper Condition and Storage of Tools An organized, clean workplace. Nothing underfoot that might trip or hinder escape. Exit doors noted and aisles kept clear. Clean, maintained tools and trained in their use.

Knowledge Can identify where to go for help if safety efforts fail. Recognizes and reports any unsafe conditions. Refrains from dangerous horseplay.

Warning: Exam failure will result in alien probe, dissection and shameful return home!

Team Work Safety Policies

Excerpt from MARS Team Expectations Document: “The student agrees to behave in a manner that promotes safety and follow rules that ensure a safe work enviroment. This includes but is not limited to wearing protective equipment, such as safety glasses, gloves, etc. that is appropriate to the task, using tools or operating machines only after proper instruction and authorization, and reporting any unsafe conditions or acts to an adult mentor.” Workplace safety is no accident. MARS members understand the value of safety rules/guidelines; not only for obvious reasons but also in recognition of how accidents waste time. To be productive, successful competitors, we don’t waste time on accidents! To view the safety video use this link:

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