Team Projects

Team Projects

MARS  does more than just build robots. Team activities focus on inspiring others, making Earth a better place and learning/ utilizing technology to its fullest. Please visit links listed to view projects.

Community Outreach

MARS benefits from generous community and corporate support which allows the team to exist and achieve its goals. In an effort to give back to our community, the team seeks opportunities to pursue service and outreach. Brief examples of current projects are listed. Local organizations are encouraged to contact us with community service needs or for a robotics presentation.

The Inventor sub-team uses Autodesk Inventor to mock up and animate the robot before building it. With Inventor any kinks and questions about the design can be modeled and worked out so they are not a worry at a later date.

Dean’s Homework

Each year FIRST Found Dean Kamen challenges teams to pursue a “homework” assignment in addition to building a competitive robot. Assignments focus on ways to support FIRST’s mission of changing our culture so that science and mathematics are celebrated.